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Is your team missing too many bunnies? Try Fig 8 Shots

It's a killer to watch a great offensive set happen only to be nullified by not finishing .. or worse to lose a game due to missing too many close shots.

This is a series of close range shooting drills that seldom get much practice time, but come up often in game situations. And they're for all players, not just your post guys ... because perimeter players also find themselves with short range opportunities.

We can't take short shots for granted. Degree of difficultly is more than just distance. Short range shots need practice to get familiar with loft and bank shot angles.

In just a few minutes, these drills get up a lot of shots and close to game speed. I think devoting a few minutes per practice for these would be well worth the investment.

Basics of these Fig 8 Shooting Drills:

  • 2 shooting spots

  • every player has a ball

  • the players shoots, then gets their own rebound, then fills in at the other spot

  • the overall motion is like a Fig 8


  • make it competitive or not (compete against groups at other goals)

  • can add a 4th or 5th player if you are short on goals

  • 30 or 60 sec games (i like 60)

  • losers run after you determine a series champion (best out of 3 or 5)

  • vary the shooting spots (keep them within 12 feet)

  • make some shots to be mandatory backboard shots

  • can require that they not travel with the ball while moving between spots

Additional pluses that I've found are one, that's it's also a good footwork drill because there is a lot of movement in a short space and that it can be made to be some sort of a conditioning drill... it's certainly not intense but a good day before a game drill.

Vary Shooting Spots

I've been using these pairs of shooting spots. Use these or pick your own. I'd suggest you stay within 12 feet or so to keep it fast paced with lots of shots and little time spent chasing rebounds. At some distance, it's more efficient to not have shooters get their own rebound.

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