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A 3 to 5 day camp

For: players willing to study the game on the court and in the classroom to improve the little things that win games and seperate players.

1) Team Play   (not a team camp, but rather playing smart in team settings)
BBS is built around our 13 Game Impact Fundamentals, which help players:
  • become a defensive stopper
  • improve decision making / shot selection
  • reduce TO's / increase assists
  • more effective late-game performers
  • handle traps and pressure confidently, and more
2) Individual Offensive Skill 
broaden scoring skills & gain quickness through improved technique:
  • 3D Scoring Skills
  • mastering The 3 Great Fakes  
  • ball control: ball handling, passing, sharp change of direction, The Best Pass in the World, and more
Teaching Approach:
3 phase drills (technique, pace, competition), classroom instruction, video analysis, skill rankings, games, player notebooks, personal evaluations, personal improvement plan

Backcourt Basketball School

simplify the game... practice smart... beat better athletes

“Backcourt Basketball School does an excellent job of teaching fundamentally sound strategies that benefit all players no matter their age or experience level. The emphasis on proper form and technique and makes every camper better. I was impressed with Coach Winfrey and his staff and highly recommend the Backcourt Basketball School to anyone who is serious about being a better player!”



Eddie Francis, AD & Head Basketball Coach

at All Saints HS, Tyler, Texas

2015 Texas State Runner Up

“Backcourt Basketball School was a tremendous camp for several reasons. First, the quality of instruction from Bill Winfrey was outstanding! Secondly, the camp cut the cost of Metro-plex prices by half and our East Texas players didn’t have the drive time and hotel expenses of big cities. Thirdly, every player and parent from last year’s camp gave rave reviews and said they will return this summer.”


Larry Hargett

UNC Greensboro - Hall of Fame Coach

2 Time Texas High School State Champion

Our 13 Game Impact Fundamentals

We've simplified the game to what we call The 13 Game Impact Fundamentals. They're nothing new, they're nothing fancy... but rather the time tested and proven keys to winning basketball.


They represent the habits that enable a player to play above his or her athleticism... to be able to step on a court with much better athletes yet still make a significant impact... to beat better athletes. They often go unnoticed by the average fan and even on the stat sheet, but will always determine games and separate players. They are:


  • 5 Defensive

    • Contain

    • Stop Ball

    • Deny

    • Close Out

    • Box Out


  • 2 Transition

    • Grab It !

    • Race


  • 5 Offensive

    • Move & Space

    • Tough Turn

    • Attack Under Control

    • Sure Passes

    • Good Shots


  • 1 Intangible

    • Energy


Technique Matters

In each of these fundamentals... good technique makes the difference. Most plays are determined by a step or less. You 'gain a step of quickness' by being in good position, or by having more simple and efficient movement and skills.


BBS Teaches Good Habits

Developing good technique and good habits is a process. Players will learn on the court and in the classroom. They will know  our technique keys or guiding principles to each of the 13 Fundamentals... have the 2-3 keys written down in their Player Notebook... have seen them on video... have gone through 3 Phase Drills  and competitions emphasizing them... will have been evaluated on each of them to know more specically their strengths and weaknesses... and leave with a Personal Practice Plan where they have chosen which they need to focus on improving first and how to do that. 


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