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Dick DeVenzio


Duke Point Guard, Founder of Point Guard College, Prep Stars Invitational, and the Dick DeVenzio Basketball Camp. Nationally known as an innovative basketball author and instructor. Mentor and friend to Bill and many others. 


“Bill demonstrated a real knack for teaching as well as a true concern for those listening and trying to learn. He is exceptional in this regard; he stands alone, at the top of all the athletes I have known in 23 years of running a camp.”


left : Dick as a point guard at Duke University where he set records and was an Academic All American. 

Coaches' Comments...

about Bill Winfrey



Randy Wiel


Randy Wiel

UNC Player and Coach under Dean Smith, European Professional League Head Coach – 3 time National Champion


“I watched Bill closely as he developed from his early teens through college. He became a top Point Guard through hard work and dedication, yet with average physical ability. I always admired his work ethic. He is now using his unique teaching ability to pass on his valuable experience. You’re sure to benefit.


top  right: Randy (raised arms) as an assistant at UNC with Dean Smith, winning the 1993 NCAA Championship game


top left: Randy coaching a top European team, Eiffel Towers where he won 2 national championships.


bottom right:  Bill and Randy at a basketball camp






















Eddie Francis



AD & Head BasketballCoach

at All Saints HS, Tyler, Texas





“Backcourt Basketball School does an excellent job of teaching fundamentally sound strategies that benefit all players no matter their age or experience level. The emphasis on proper form and technique and makes every camper better. I was impressed with Coach Winfrey and his staff and highly recommend the Backcourt Basketball School to anyone who is serious about being a better player!”




Other East Texas High School Coaches:


Katie Robertson,

Former Brownsboro, OSU player & TK Gorman Coach


"This camp teaches kids the ‘big picture fundamentals’. Not just a camp of repetitive drills, but breaks down game situations and explains to them what they need to do and why they need to do it. This experience is for the player that wants to gain knowledge of the game and develop skills that will easily be transferred to a fast-paced situation. This is a great opportunity for player to be mentally and physically challenged by HIGHLY qualified and experienced coaches for three intense days.


Karen Landford

Head Girls Basketball Coach, All Saints HS


“This skills camp was extremely challenging physically and mentally. The balance of professional instruction and competition kept the athletes ‘tuned in’ and wanting more.”


Jody Sory

Head Basketball Coach Troup HS


“This skills camp provided excellent instruction on footwork teaching fundamentals in proper shooting technique. All campers enjoyed themselves while working in a very intense structure. I highly recommend this camp.”

Steve Galley


Long Time Head Coach at Riverton High School, a top Utah program


2012 Utah 5A Prep Coach of the Year


“In all my years of coaching and teaching I have rarely been fortunate enough to work closely with a teacher as gifted as Bill Winfrey. He really knows how to connect with players and has an uncanny ability to reduce complex techniques into simple-to-understand concepts. Bill has a passion for helping players and I consider myself very lucky to have the opportunity to team up with him and bring The Backcourt Basketball School to players in Utah.”


above: Steve Galley coaching Riverton in the Utah state championships



Larry Hargett



UNC GreensboroHall of Fame coach &

2 time Texas High School

State Champion Head Coach



“Backcourt Basketball School was a tremendous camp for several reasons. First, the quality of instruction from Bill Winfrey was outstanding! Secondly, the camp cut the cost of Metro-plex prices by half and our East Texas players didn’t have the drive time and hotel expenses of big cities. Thirdly, ever player and parent from last year’s camp gave rave reviews and said they will return this summer.”


above: Coach Hargett (center) at a UNC Greensboro Hall of Fame event along with former players


Freddy Johnson


Winningest Coach in the history of North Carolina High School basketball

7 time North Carolina High School State Champion

2013 McDonald's All American game - Head Coach of East team


"Bill's book challenges us to think about how we are teaching the fundamentals of basketball.  It is an excellent book for your middle school, high school, and AAU coaches to have as a reference! This is a book I had all of my coaches read this season and I felt it really helped them to gain knowledge about basketball.  Bill has great passion, attention, and love for the game, making this an enjoyable read."


(Freddy on Bill's Book: The 5 Essential Skills of Great Team Defense)


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