Essential Defense Clinics

Option 1


The 5 Essential Skills of  a Great Defender 


Based on my book

The 5 Essential Skills of a Great Defender

Book1: Teaching Tough Individual Defense


Customizable For... Players, Coaches, or both


Emphasis ...The 5 Individual Defensive Skills that form the foundation to any great team defense:

  1. Contain

  2. Block Penetration

  3. Deny

  4. Close Out

  5. Box Out


Teaching Approach

  • clarify technique keys to each of the 5 skills

  • For each skill - '3 Phase Drills' ... showing progression

  • Defensive Competitions

  • Coach / Player Notebooks


Based on my book

"The 5 Essential Skills of Any Great Team Defense"


Success in any defensive scheme

is built upon the same few critical skills

It takes years to become a great scorer,

but a good athlete can become 

a great defender in one season

Option 2


Essential Team Defense


Based on my book:

Essential Team Defense

Book 2: A Coach's Guide to Building Tough Team Defense in a Simple System


Customizable For...  Players, Coaches or Both


Emphasis ...a broader look at teaching smart and tough defense, in tandem with teammates


Teaching Approach

  • clarify key concepts and levels

  • progressive drills

    • 3 out Shell - with variations

    • 4 out Shell - with variations

  • team competitions - with defensive scoring

  • Coach / Player Notebooks


Based on my book

"Teaching Great Team Defense - Book 2: A Reference Guide to 6 Progressive Levels"


Am I crazy? Would players actually come to a defensive camp? Would they only come if their coaches drug them there? I understand that it's unusual. I know it could be a difficult sell for some. But I believe that as players experience the pride and satisfaction of playing tough / smart defense, and see the advantage they gain from it... that they'll develop a new level of appreciation and a sense of determination to become a great defender.


I also think it says something about our understanding of the sport ... when defense wins championships but offense sells tickets (another topic for another time).


And to state the obvious, in order to play defense at a defensive camp... you've got to have offense. It's not a full day of step slide drills. Player play both. So there'll be shooting and scoring as always, but the teaching emphasis will be on building great fundamental defensive skills. There will be plenty of competition, but the scoring won't be traditional, but rather based on a defensive point system. Players will learn and have a great time doing it.