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Your Jump Shot Analyzed

Online ... Now

Your Jump Shot Analysis will include:


1) written evaluation

rating your form in each of the 3 key areas


2) video instruction comments

you will receive your video back but with comments and diagrams to further clarify the points made in the written evaulation


3) progressive practice tips

prioritized improvement steps ... shooting drill suggestions for each step


4) 20 minute skype or phone call

to further discuss the ratings and suggestions in the evaluation


A detailed analysis


Learn the keys to a

Quick Release Jump Shot

Want to become a clutch FT shooter? 


Need to get your shots off quicker ?


Eager to improve an already good shot?


Just learning and want to start off right?


You don't need to wait for a Jump Shot Clinic to come your way. For the price of one good book, or of a decent workout session... you can get a  personalized evaluation of your shot. It's a detailed lesson you can review continually, and also becomes a water mark to help you track your technique development over time.

In Tenerife, Spain

working with Maodo Gueye from Senegal,

who's now playing for the Canarius Basketball Academy

To Start:


Step 1  send video of your jump shot 


option 1 - Game or workout video you already have


Just know that in order to analyze your shot well i need to be able to see it well. I'd prefer to see more than one shot, but thats up to you. I'll work with what you send me.


option 2 - record new video


in this case, please send 12 shots from these distances


have the camera about 15 ft from you, with your full body in picture

take these specific 12 shots (more is fine but at least this amount):


  • Video six FT shots

    • 3 Free Throws (camera in front of you)

    • 3 Free Throws (camera from side view, from your shooting arm side... ie from your left side if you're left handed)

  • Video six 3 Point shots

    • 3 shots front view (camera from straight in front)

    • 3 shots side view (from the side of your shooting arm)


Step 2 send your video, via:

a) your Dropbox account or another video sharing tool you may use

b) request from me a way to send it (I will send you a 'file request' from my Dropbox account. (You do not have a Dropbox account to use this method.)


To do so, email me at


Step 3 pay $35 here

Bill Winfrey doing the Steve Nash

1 minute Free Throw Challenge

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