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A 1 to 2 day camp                                                        


For: college level down to middle school... higher level / serious  players can benefit most due to the opportunity for correct minor details that make a major difference


Emphasis: what and how to practice to become a 3D Scorer


  • The 3 Essential Scoring Skills

  • mastering fakes

    • The 3 Great Fakes

    • combo moves - off pivot

    • sharp change of direction - off the dribble

  • Move to Score skills

  • how to practice / tracking progress 



Teaching Approach

  • skill drills / competitions

  • video analysis

  • written evaluations

  • player notebooks

  • Personal Practice Plan



(the depth of content will vary depending length of camp and player skill level)

You don't outgrow fundamentals, you master them.

3D Offensive Skills Camp

broaden scoring skills... gain quickness through improved technique

“In all my years of coaching and teaching I have rarely been fortunate enough to work closely with a teacher as gifted as Bill Winfrey. He really knows how to connect with players and has an uncanny ability to reduce complex techniques into simple-to-understand concepts. Bill has a passion for helping players and I consider myself very lucky to have the opportunity to team up with him to bring  Backcourt Basketball to players in Utah.”



Steve Galley

2012 Utah 5A Prep Coach of the Year


More Information


Not a shooting camp, it's a scoring camp

This camp will not focus in great detail on Jump Shot mechanics, that's in another camp (Jump Shot Analysis Clinic). Here we'll work on technique keys to the broader range of Scoring Skills... like: footwork to gain a step of quickness on Explosive Drives and Pull Ups, developing a quicker Catch & Shoot motion, mastering the 3 Great Fakes, learning how read the defense and take what's most open, and how to practice more effectively to build skills.


Simple and Efficient is the goal

Most games are won by a few points, and most buckets are determined by a step or a split second.


So when it comes to skill development, less is more. Refining a skill means simplifying the motion and becoming more effective. It's taking out the extra and leaving only what is critical to its success. Players are mostly clueless about how much extra and useless movement is in their skills.


At this 3D Skills camp, they'll see their skills on video, compare them to the greats in the game, and begin the hard work of refining and simplifying their skills and habits.

Why become a 3D Scorer? 

Players who have a 3 legitimate scoring options, that each complement the other, are rare and extremely hard to guard.


The vast majority of players are one dimensional, they rely too heavily on one key aspect to their offensive game. They may be great at driving hard left, or from 3 ... but once a decent defender wises up and takes that one thing away, they don't have an equally effective 2nd or 3rd option. Even a lesser athlete can stop one threat.


A 3D Scorer, by my terminology, is someone on their way to mastering the 3 core  scoring skills. Because each is a counter for the other, they enable a player to take advantage of whatever the defender leaves open.


The 3D Scoring Skills are nothing new, they're old school ... and yet they're seen throughout every game and highlight reel you see today. They're proven and timeless.

The fastest way to gain a step of quickness

is through improved technique.

Players learn to Practice Smart

Becoming a 3D Scorer does not happen in a few days. It's a process that takes hard work, time, and smart work. We'll show you what to practice and how to practice to make the most of your time in the gym. You'll leave with Player Notebook, Practice Tips and a Personal Practice Plans.


Player Notebook: their place to capture notes on technique keys to each fundamental skill, shooting percentages from different ranges, practice tips, and their Personal Practice Plan. 


Personal Practice Plan: real improvement takes time so we want each player to leave knowing in detail what they personally need to work on, and precisely how to practice both hard and smart to see real improvement. After learning their strengths and weaknesses, and methods of smart practice, we'll guide each player in writing out their commitments to their Personal Practice Plan.


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Canary Islands, Spain ... with talented, hard working players

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