grew up in Chapel Hill, North Carolina .. played PG at UNC Greensboro .. traveled with Dick DeVenzio (founder of Point Guard College) for 10 years running camps .. has run his own Backcourt Basketball camps in many states and overseas .. has authored basketball instruction books



At age 11 I was very fortunate to begin a special friendship with Dick DeVenzio that would last a lifetime and impact my basketball experience and my life  in significant ways. Dick at the time was a Duke All American PG, and had just begun running his own small camp. He would go on to become nationally respected as an innovative camp director and teacher (founder of Point Guard College), and basketball author.


Dick passed away much too early at age 52, but after having left a legacy of tremendous passion and innovation for teaching the game, and a lasting imprint on many around him, including myself.


For 10 years I was fortunate to work with Dick and a small group of friends running basketball camps across North Carolina. It was impressed upon me early and often that you have to work both extremely hard and smart to reach your potential.


From these coaches and players I learned about passion and drive and constant hard work ... and how to play beyond my ability. With average high school talent, I got to play collegiately at UNC Greensboro where I set an assist record, led the conference in FG%, shot 85% from the line... for a Top 20, D3 team. 


I've continued to play, coach, run camps, and study the game for years with one overriding focus... to better understand the technique keys to beating better athletes.


I've run camps across the country and overseas, and have written books and coaching tools. True to my DeVenzio roots, I continue to seek ways to make learning simple and fun. My goal in any camp or clinic experience we might share... is to bring a fresh look and intense focus on technique and smart practice.


I look forward to any opportunity to share ideas and learning from you as well.  -- Bill


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Right: With old friends Dave DeVenzio (now Director of National Point Guard Camp), and Randy Wiel (UNC Player and Coach, and European Professional Coach).

In Canary Islands, Spain

In Salt Lake City, Utah