Hosting Information

We'll partner with you to bring our technique camp to your community ... any state / any country. We'll share responsibilities and revenues. Here's a quick overview of the process.


Your steps to making this happen:

  1. Pick the Camp (4 Options) that you feel best serves your needs (can be customized to fit player ability levels, etc)

  2. Pick the Day & Time ... arrange a date that works for us both, and then the best time of day  (when, how long)

  3. We'll determine the camp price together (factoring in length of camp, local fair market prices, etc)

  4. Secure the space:

    • Gym - 1 basket per 10 players (with enough space between each goal to be used simultaneously)

    • 1 classroom type space

  5. Spread the word ... I'll provide you with: 

    • color flier (electronic version) to be printed out

    • camp web page with details on what, where, etc

    • online registration capabilities (or you can handle registration)

    • if there are other things you need to help market, just let me know

  6. Arrange for camp helpers (~ 1 per 15 campers)

  7. (helpful, but not essential)... Recommend local venders for printing:

    • Player Notebooks

    • T Shirts


My responsibilities

  • preparing all materials

    • Marketing Fliers

    • Player Notebooks

    • T-shirts / art work

  • cover all of my travel costs

  • conduct the camp


Your Players

  • hear a different voice

  • attend a top instructional camp

  • don't have the extra expense of travel, food, or accommodations


Revenue sharing

From 10 - 35% of profit will be shared with the camp coordinator


Contact Us to discuss. We'd love to bring a unique camp to your community.

any state /any country